Welcome to your WSI Local Ad Works Campaign Central !!

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From here you will be able to monitor your campaign performance including web site visits, phone call tracking, e-mail tracking, and coupon tracking (if offered). This information is collected from all search systems where your ad has been placed so there is only one set of reports!

You will even know how much you spend everyday so you will always be able to compute your return on investment! Our patent-pending "Reverse Proxy" system ensures that all the reporting results are directly attributed to the campaign that your certified WSI Local Ad Works consultant is managing for you!

What we do:
  • Create all of the keywords and phrases required for your business to be found by potential customers.

  • Distribute your ads to all of the most popular search engines so that you do not have to figure out which ones work.

  • Ensure that our local client's ads are targeted by geography so that you only spend money to acquire customers in your service area.

  • Run full National campaigns for our larger clients.

  • Constantly monitor and adjust your advertising campaign for you so that your advertising budget is fully optimized for the greatest return!

Your WSI Local Ad Works consultant is an expert at setting up, monitoring and maintaining your pay-per-click ad campaign. But don't forget that your consultant is also an expert at developing websites that turn traffic into customers!